Developing Web Content With Whack-A-Mole Creativity

As a web content developer, I am very organized. When I take on a new project I systematically set to work. The first phase involves deep research to get all the information I could possibly need to complete the project successfully, like …

  • Nature of Business
  • History of Business
  • Background of Key Staffers
  • Services Offered
  • Products Sold
  • Features of Services / Products
  • Benefits of Services / Products
  • What problems do the company’s products and services solve?
  • What is the proof? Awards, Certifications, Testimonials.
  • Warranty / Guarantee
  • Competitor Evaluation
  • Keywords Used in Searches
  • And more!

The idea is that with this “bible” of information, the writing should go easily.

But it doesn’t. After all of the prep work, every time I face the blank screen, I flounder. And every time, I think, “Okay, Kathy, you’ve finally taken on a client you can’t write squat for.” I seriously feel hopeless.

Of course, I’m wrong … or else I still wouldn’t be in business after all these years.

This problem is like whack-a-mole. It comes up each and every time I take on a new project.

Whack a Mole for Web Content

Over the years, I’ve learned to mentally say, “Okay, there’s that feeling again; it’s not real; move on.” And I just keep working. Usually, I get going by writing anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s lousy. Or I might write something easy like writing the footer. Before I know it, things are flowing.

The reason I’m telling you this story is to allay any fears you may have when you sit down to write some content. It could be your bio or a page about how you helped a client resolve a difficultly. If I, a professional writer, can lose confidence, please go easy on yourself when you experience the same thing.

Easy Web Tip #231: When you sit down to write web content, it’s perfectly normal to “flounder.”



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