Check How The Mobile Version Of Your Website Looks

While working on the mobile sites for a couple of companies, I thought I would check their analytics to see how many customers were now searching for them via mobile.

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A year ago, each store was getting around 17% of their visits from mobile. Now one store is getting 35% and the other 43%.

That’s a huge increase. Of course, you don’t need a lot of data to know that mobile search is on the uptick.

Just observe your own behavior. Are you using your smart phone to search for something you see on television? Do you use your tablet to search for something while in a meeting? What about the people around you? Are they using their mobile devices more?

Yes, a lot of that time is spent on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But, also, a good chunk of that time is spent searching for product information.

Have you checked recently to see how your website pages look on a mobile device? Sometimes when a site switches to its mobile version, some of the elements aren’t in the order you would like. Other elements that are fine on the desktop version should be removed for the mobile-friendly version of your site. And sometimes things just go wonky and should be fixed.

And be sure to check all your pages as one page may be good and the next not.

Easy Web Tip 214: Work with your web developer to improve and streamline how your mobile site renders.

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